Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Extract From The Times Newspaper

Hope you are all well, and that you have found all of the information very helpful about the Business Opportunity, plus the massive saving's that The Utility Warehouse Discount Club can offer home's and business within the UK with a typical house hold saving over £800 a year, plus all of your utilities on one simple easy to understand monthly bill, which is unique to The Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Also please see below for an extract from the Times newspaper, talking about The Utility Warehouse Discount Club and the great saving, plus the great business opportunity that is a available with The Utility Warehouse, if you would like any further information on the saving's or the business opportunity, please feel free to contact me on the detail's below


Please check on the Link to read the the extract from The Times Newspaper from

February - 2010

October - 2003


Jonathan Taylor
Independent Distributor for the Utility Warehouse
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