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Business Opportunities in the UK

There are many different Business Opportunities available within UK, and if your tried looking at everyone of them you would be very confused by the end, so I am writing this Blog to look at the opportunities available to you living within the UK, please feel free to leave any comments as long as it is helpful to anyone reading this information

The First MLM Business Opportunity I am looking at is The Utility Warehouse Discount Club, which is operated by Telecom Plus Plc, which is a major British company, and is currently a FTSE 250 company on the London Stock Exchange, plus has also won 'Company of the Year' at the PLC Awards in 2009, plus fastest growing company in Europe and also a number of awards for best service provider, of which French & Saunder's have done a number of short video's

You may not have heard of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club before, the reason for this is that they do not do any kind of advertising on the television or in the national press, instead they rely on satisfied customers letting their friends and family know about the great value services & savings, by doing this they can save thousands if not million's of pounds over a year on advertising, which can then be passed on to the growing number of customer's, which to day is now at over 300,000,00,

The Utility Warehouse provide their members with great value, great savings and an award winning customer service. Perhaps it’s not surprising that in a recent survey over 94% of Utility Warehouse customers said they would recommend them to friend and family.

The Utility Warehouse don’t do introductory offers to entice new customers that suddenly go up in price after a few months. All their members benefit from consistently good value and great customer service at all times, for as long as they remain a customer.

The way that the Utility Warehouse work's is by a network of Authorised Distribution's, who gather new residential and small business customer and in return build a residual income on a part time basis, which over time can turn into a full time income, also the Utility Warehouse ask existing customer's to Recommend there Friends & Family to join The Utility Warehouse Discount Club and in return the customer will get a even bigger discount off there utility bill for as long as there friend or family member remain with The Utility Warehouse

The Utility warehouse is also unique in that it puts all of the Utility on 1 simple to understand monthly bill, which means's to the customer only 1 monthly direct debit rather then 4 or 5, this then work's out a lot easy er to budget for and account for on the bank statement at the end of each month, this also means's that you have only one award winner company to deal with rather then 4 or 5 company's

The Company’s Residential Services Include:

Home Phone - Fixed line telephony service gives members significant guaranteed savings compared with BT’s best call prices, and allows them to make unlimited free local and national calls to other members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Award Winning Deals)

Mobile Phone - With a range of tariff options to suit a wide cross-section of mobile phone users, the company’s mobile phone service offers outstanding value and great savings including the UK’s best value mobile phone tariff. Value Call combines the UK’s best value line rental with low cost calls, Value Talk offers inclusive texts and calls and Value Pay offers fantastic value Pay as You Go. (Award Winning Deals)

Gas and Electricity - The Utility Warehouse provide consistently low prices to their members offering a unique “Triple Value” guarantee for their energy services. (Award Winning Deals)
Internet - A choice of high quality low cost broadband Internet services offering great value.

BroadCall - Combines low cost fixed line telephone calls, line rental and high speed broadband, at an amazingly low package price, (Award Winning Package), Are you scared of switching? Don’t be! Watch this

Internet Phone Line - Have an extra phone line for just £2 per month – a massive saving of over 80% compared with an additional line from BT. Make and receive phone calls as you would using a normal phone line. No software to install. One-off connection fee of just £50 applies.

Cash Back Card - Save 20-30% on your household bills every month, by shopping!

The Utility Warehouse Cash Back card – available exclusively to members of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club – enables you to earn 5% Cash Back on all your shopping at thousands of stores throughout the UK.

Earn 5% Cash Back on all your shopping at leading high-street retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Boots, Argos and many more. 5% Cash Back is in addition to any sale prices, coupons or special offers in-store or online, Cash Back appears on your monthly Utility Warehouse bill,

Cashback on all your shopping and petrol – every month! Let French & Saunders explain how:

The Utility Warehouse Cash Back card is a unique card that gives you 5% Cash Back on food and fuel at Sainsbury’s, clothing, DIY, health and beauty products and household and electrical goods – ask me for full details!

The Utility Warehouse Cash Back card can make a massive difference to you – it could save you hundreds of pounds a year. There is no limit to the amount of Cash Back you can earn. Utility Warehouse customers are regularly making savings of over 30% on their household bills, simply by shopping!

Simply top up your Utility Warehouse Cash Back card with the amount of money you choose, then use like any normal debit card and get 5% Cash Back wherever you go shopping! Cash Back appears on your monthly Utility Warehouse bill.

Topping up your Cash Back card is easy, and you have complete control over your money at all times. You can’t spend more than you put on the card, so it’s easy to budget and you can control your spending. And there’s no minimum term contract on the card!

For full details see the Utility Warehouse Cash Back Card Booklet.

One monthly bill - The Utility Warehouse is the only multi-utility provider that puts all your services onto a simple, single monthly bill. This is a fantastic benefit – it helps with budgeting, it’s clear and easy to understand, and it cuts down on paperwork. You can also opt for e-billing if you prefer! (Award Winning Bill)

Award Winning Customer Service Team - The Utility Warehouse call centre is in North London. They answer over 90% of calls within 15 seconds. They understand the importance of customer service, and work hard to deliver excellence in this area.

Value for money - The Utility Warehouse does’t have any high street shops, their systems are very efficient and they don’t waste their customers’ money on expensive advertising campaigns on TV or in the National Press. This means they can afford to charge their customers less than their competitors do for the same services.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that in a recent survey, over 94% of Utility Warehouse customers said they would recommend the Utility Warehouse to a friend.

Customer Discount Plan - Do you know anyone who you think would benefit from being a customer of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club?

The Utility Warehouse unique Customer Discount Plan allows you to make further discounts on your monthly bills by introducing friends, family or colleagues to the Utility Warehouse! There is no limit to the size of your discount.

Simply introduce a friend or family member to the Utility Warehouse and the Utility Warehouse will give you a extra discount on your utility bill, every month, for as long as they remain a customer. The discount is 0.5% for each service they take – so if your friends take Broad Call (phone and broadband), Gas and Electricity, that’s 2% off. Five friends like that, and that’s 10% off your bill!

Exclusive Discount Directory - All Utility Warehouse members receive a free copy of our exclusive Member discount directory, packed with great savings on a wide range of everyday purchases.

All Utility Warehouse Discount Club members receive an exclusive Member Discount Directory, packed with discounts and special offers. You can save on a huge range of purchases, from chocolates to holidays and days out!

For more information about these services please go to,

The Company’s Business Club Services Include:

Office Phone - A fixed line service which offers savings of up to 45% on call charges and 10% on line rental;

Internet Phone Lines - for only £2 a month

Office Mobile - Save up to 65% on your call costs, line rental from only £5 a month, calls to other Office Mobile users only 3p per minute, standard calls just 5p per minute, exciting range of FREE handsets, FREE itemised call listings, FREE call control system

Internet - Savings of over 20%, free email anti-virus, free email anti-spam, unlimited downloads and free fixed router connection.

Office Broadcall - Office Broad Call combines super fast broadband with a standard analogue business phone line for your phone calls. This new service combines all the benefits of the broadband service with significant savings on your calls and line rental – all at a fantastic low price! Office Broad Call offers massive savings compared with BT – without any hidden charges.

Energy - Low-cost tariffs designed to provide business customers with consistently good value on their gas and electricity, across a wide range of usage profiles. From customers running their own business from home, through to small and medium-sized businesses with hundreds of employees (including for example shops, pubs, churches, workshops and office buildings), you’ll find these prices are highly competitive.

And unlike most other suppliers of commercial energy, the Utility Warehouse won’t tie you into a long-term contract – so you are free to take advantage of cheaper gas and electricity prices if, as expected, the wholesale price of energy becomes cheaper in future. No minimum contract term and low charges represent an attractive option for business customers seeking a consistently good value energy package.

Non-Geographic Numbers - A range of non-geographic number services including Freephone (0800/0808), Special Services Basic Rate(0844/0845) and Special Services Higher Rate (0871) all at extremely competitive rates. Whichever non-geographic service you choose, all calls will be delivered to the UK land line number of your choice. We can even offer the flexibility of delivering calls to a UK mobile number or abroad to any of 18 major European destinations, Canada, USA or Pacific Rim Countries.
Would you like to give it a try?

Typical household saving - The Utility Warehouse calculate that a typical household can save over £800 a year with them, to find out more about the great saving,
please go to -

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